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 2017 FQ1 YTD2016 FY2015 FY2014 FY2013 FY
Period Ended3/31/201712/31/201612/31/201512/31/201412/31/2013
Balance Sheet ($000)   
Cash and Cash Equivalents78,30976,05251,03339,92550,873
Loans Held for Investment, Net of Reserves246,585239,431168,655159,057197,420
Net Loans & Leases246,585239,431168,655159,057197,420
Total Assets371,123362,547280,729268,355352,235
Debt and Banking Deposits256,876254,233195,753200,012247,197
Equity Attributable to Parent Company7,0245,78710,9597,4411,164
Total Equity7,0135,77710,9517,4421,158
Total Debt / Total Equity (x) 36.6344.0117.8826.88NM
Debt plus Rdm Pfd / Equity (x) 36.6344.0117.8826.88NM
Total Equity / Total Assets (%) 1.891.593.902.770.33
Income Statement & Profitability ($000)   
Net Interest Income20,14368,41551,58749,62445,649
Financial Revenue32,218114,064151,431155,199116,853
Interest Expense5,81720,20718,33024,05223,872
Provision for Loan Losses10,65353,72126,60830,82829,678
Total Expense30,982127,891148,449196,656143,026
Net Income before Taxes1,345(12,356)3,535(27,305)(22,779)
Net Income727(6,341)1,7067,327(17,665)
Net Income Attributable to Parent728(6,335)1,7137,177(17,741)
ROAA (%) 0.79(2.05)0.642.34(4.89)
ROAE (%) 45.47(53.40)15.40NM(273.91)
Net Interest Income / Avg Assets (%) 21.9622.1219.3315.8812.65
Per Share Information ($)   
Basic Book Value per Share0.500.420.790.540.08
Basic Tangible Book Value per Share0.500.420.790.540.08
Diluted EPS after Extraordinary0.05(0.46)0.120.51(1.29)
Common Dividends Declared per Share00000
Common Shares Outstanding (actual) 13,939,15113,888,85313,872,80813,849,73813,921,669
Managed Portfolio ($000)   
Managed Receivables for Self and Others328,619324,690230,361226,977300,231
Return on Avg Managed Assets (%) 0.71(1.82)0.551.94(3.85)
Growth Rates and Trends (%)   
Asset Growth9.4629.144.61(23.81)(7.41)
Equity Growth85.58(47.25)47.15542.66(93.96)
Net Loans Receivable Growth11.9541.966.03(19.43)(11.71)
Managed Receivables Growth4.8440.951.49(24.40)(16.21)
Assets Five-year CAGR(9.01)(10.95)(20.43)(18.55)(25.39)
Equity Five-year CAGR(37.34)(40.29)(29.25)(48.60)(72.56)
Net Loans Five-year CAGR(6.91)(9.78)(22.01)(14.94)(12.65)
Receivables Managed Five-year CAGR(8.53)(11.70)(24.83)(34.01)(37.34)
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