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 2013 Y 2014 Y 2015 Y
Period Ended12/31/201312/31/201412/31/2015
Revenue ($000)   
Interest Income69,52173,67669,917
Interest Expense23,87224,05218,330
Net Interest Income45,64949,62451,587
Lease and Rental Revenue000
Gain on Sale of Loans, before Fees000
Commitment and Origination Fees000
Gain on Sale of Loans (FAS 140)000
Net Loan Servicing Fees8,2184,9105,004
Other Loan Fees & Charges (14,560) 4,85238,878
Loan Fees & Charges (6,342) 9,76243,882
Gain on Sale of Servicing000
Credit Card Income69,10988,83053,182
Total Policy Income000
Merchandise and Equipment Sales000
Partnership Income8,4376,9832,780
Other Noninterest Income3,39414,152553
Nonrecurring Revenue000
Expenses ($000)   
Provision for Loan Losses29,67830,82826,608
Occupancy & EquipmentNANANA
Compensation & Benefits17,83219,77719,825
Foreclosure & Repo000
Credit Card Fraud LossesNANANA
Cost of Goods Sold000
Lease Equipment Depreciation000
Marketing and Promotion Expense8,7192,3812,235
Amrt of Intang & Goodwill Impair000
Other Expense86,797143,67099,781
Nonrecurring Expense000
Total Expense143,026196,656148,449
Net Income ($000)   
Net Income before Taxes(22,779)(27,305)3,535
Provision for Taxes (5,114) (34,632) 1,829
Effective Tax Rate (%) NMNM51.74
Total Minority Interest Expense000
Trust Preferred Distributions000
Net Income before Extra(17,665)7,3271,706
Extraordinary Items000
Net Income(17,665)7,3271,706
Net Income Attributable to Noncontrolling Int76150(7)
Net Income Attributable to Parent(17,741)7,1771,713
Preferred Dividends000
Other Preferred Dividends after Net Income000
Net Income Avail to Common(17,741)7,1771,713
Comprehensive Income ($000)   
Net Income(17,665)7,3271,706
Preferred Dividend Adjustment to Comprehensive Inc000
Change in Unrealized Gain000
Change in Foreign Currency Translations417 (1,104) 1,241
Pension Fund Liability Adjustments000
Change in Fair Value of Effective Hedges000
Total Other Comprehensive Income417 (1,104) 1,241
Comprehensive Income(17,248)6,2232,947
Comprehensive Income: Noncontrolling Interests76150 (7)
Comprehensive Income: Parent Company(17,324)6,0732,954
Share and Per Share Info ($)   
Basic EPS before Extra(1.29)0.510.12
Basic EPS after Extra(1.29)0.510.12
Avg Basic Shares Out (actual) 13,774,00013,983,00013,906,000
Diluted EPS before Extra(1.29)0.510.12
Diluted EPS after Extraordinary(1.29)0.510.12
Common Dividends Declared per Share000
Avg Diluted Shares Out (actual) 13,774,00013,984,00013,961,000
Income Ratios (%)   
Net Interest Income / Total Rev37.9629.3033.94
Gain on Sale of Loans / Revenue000
Servicing and Loan Fees / Revenue(5.27)5.7628.87
Compensation / Expense12.4710.0613.35
Net Income / Total Revenue(14.69)4.331.12
NIBT / Total Revenue(18.94)(16.12)2.33
EBITDA / Interest Expense (x) NANANA
Efficiency Ratio94.2697.9280.17

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