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 2013 Y 2014 Y 2015 Y
Period Ended12/31/201312/31/201412/31/2015
Assets ($000)   
Cash and Cash Equivalents50,87339,92551,033
Restricted Cash18,87122,74120,547
Trading Account Securities000
Available for Sale Securities000
Held to Maturity Securities000
Other Securities000
Total Securities000
Investment in Partnerships35,13415,83310,123
Gross Loans Held for Investment221,634179,014190,129
Loans Held for Investment: Loan-loss Reserve24,21419,95721,474
Loans Held for Investment, Net of Reserves197,420159,057168,655
Loans Held for Sale, before Reserves000
Loans HFS Reserve000
Loans Held for Sale, Net of Reserves000
Equipment Under Operating Leases000
Net Loans & Leases197,420159,057168,655
Total Servicing Rights000
Intangible Assets other than Goodwill000
Total Intangible Assets000
Real Estate Owned and Repossessed Assets, Net000
Fixed Assets8,9377,0365,686
Total Other Assets41,00023,76324,685
Total Assets352,235268,355280,729
Memo: Consolidated VIE AssetsNANANA
Liabilities ($000)   
Total Deposits000
Senior Debt247,197200,012195,753
Trust Preferred (FAS 150)000
Other Subordinated Debt000
Total Subordinated Debt000
Redeemable Financial Instruments (FAS 150)000
Total Debt247,197200,012195,753
Debt and Banking Deposits247,197200,012195,753
Deferred Tax LiabilityNANANA
Total Policy Reserves000
Total Other Liabilities103,88060,90174,025
Total Liabilities351,077260,913269,778
Memo: Consolidated VIE LiabilitiesNANANA
Mezzanine ($000)   
Redeemable Preferred000
Trust Preferred Securities000
Total Minority Interest000
Other Mezzanine Items000
Total Mezzanine Level Items000
Equity ($000)   
TARP Preferred Equity000
Other Preferred Equity000
Total Preferred Equity000
Common Equity1,1647,44110,959
Equity Attributable to Parent Company1,1647,44110,959
Noncontrolling Interests (6) 1 (8)
Total Equity1,1587,44210,951
Shares Issued (actual) 13,921,66913,849,73813,872,808
Treasury Shares (actual) 000
Common Shares Outstanding (actual) 13,921,66913,849,73813,872,808
Convertible OP Units (actual) 000
Basic Book Value per Share ($) 0.080.540.79
Basic Tangible Book Value per Share ($) 0.080.540.79
Net Unrealized Gain000
Cumulative Foreign Currency Translation (737) (1,841) (600)
Minimum Pension Fund Liability000
Fair Value of Effective Hedges000
Tot Acc Other Comprehensive Inc(737)(1,841)(600)
Fair Value Measurements ($000)   
Level 1 Assets000
Level 2 Assets000
Level 3 Assets194,791164,170187,905
Level 1 Liabilities000
Level 2 Liabilities9700
Level 3 Liabilities94,87736,63021,012
Balance Sheet Ratios (%)   
Reserves / Loans Held For Investment10.9311.1511.29
Total Equity / Total Assets0.332.773.90
Tangible Equity / Tangible Assets0.332.773.90
Common Equity / Total Assets0.332.773.90
Intangibles / Equity000
Total Debt / Total Equity (x) NM26.8817.88
Debt plus Rdm Pfd / Equity (x) NM26.8817.88
Average Balance Sheet ($000)   
Avg Gross Loans HFI220,024199,690177,745
Average Loans HFI, Net204,303178,311159,660
Avg Loans HFS000
Avg Net Loans, HFI and HFS204,303178,311159,660
Avg Operating Leases000
Avg Net Loans and Leases204,303178,311159,660
Avg Assets360,952312,468266,815
Avg Interest Earning Assets298,855262,157237,518
Avg Interest-bearing LiabsNANANA
Avg Preferred Equity000
Avg Common Equity6,480(12,915)11,081
Avg Equity6,449(12,916)11,077
Avg Managed Receivables for Self and Others316,024264,965221,241
Avg Managed Assets459,320377,038311,535

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